We are pleased to welcome you to Meadow Springs Country Club. Since 1973, we have established a series of customs and norms in order to enhance your experience at the Club. We take pride in making every one of our guests feel like a member during their visit.

In order to best enjoy your experience, we ask that you please observe the following Club policies, with the understanding no dress code can completely cover every situation. Please come attired for the purpose of your attendance. For specific questions please refer to the member who is inviting you to attend. It is their responsibility to ensure the costume and norms are followed:

  • Gentleman’s Attire
      • Men’s shirts must have sleeves and collars and tucked in as appropriate.
      • Men’s slacks and shorts must be of a tailored nature.
      • Golf attire is acceptable in all areas of the Club but jeans are only allowed in the Clubhouse and pool area.
      • Outside of the dining room, caps are allowed and may only be worn with the bill forward.
  • Ladies’ Attire
    • Shirts must have either sleeves or a collar on the golf course, with more liberal discretion for the Clubhouse and pool befitting the purpose of attendance. Slacks, shorts or similar attire must be tailored in nature.  Jeans are only allowed in the Clubhouse and at the pool.
  • Children’s Attire
      • Children are expected to follow the same customs and norms as our ladies and gentlemen.
  • Pool Attire
      • Proper pool attire is required keeping within the family nature of the Club. Pool attire is not permitted in the Clubhouse.
  • Technology Guidelines
    • To preserve the social and recreational aspects of the Club, the following are the Technology Guidelines:

      • The use of cellular telephones and other electronic devices to send, receive or listen to calls or audible messages is permitted at the Club but is confined to the common areas of the hallways and corridors.
      • When using these devices please don’t open up your conversations to others around you by using the speaker functions of your device or being loud enough to infringe upon others around you.
      • When using these devices on the golf course don’t let them be a distraction to the game or others around you.
  • 700 Country Club Pl
  • Richland, WA 99352
  • Phone: 509.627.2234
  • © 2020 Meadow Springs Country Club. All Rights reserved.
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